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Hey there, We are Precious Plastic Malaysia.

Precious Plastic is a global community of hundreds of people working towards a solution to plastic pollution. In short, we are a group of plastic hackers who designs and build machines to fight plastic pollution.

We are independent, poor but free 🙂
Thanks to Dave Hakkens and the precious plastic community, we were able to build machines that can turn plastic waste into precious items.

We look forward to connect with you, anyone of you around the world as we come together to fight against plastic pollution. Our machines are locally built but we ship internationally. Find us at Facebook or Instagram to see our latest updates on our machines, products and where our next event will be cool


Complete shredder with single phase 110/220VAC 1.5HP high torque motor (made in USA) and 30:1 gearbox. V2 hopper with plunger. Bin for shredded plastic. Mounted to steel frame.


Available in 120 or 240VAC with free standing pedestal base or hanging wall mount. (electronics enclosure faceplate made of recycled plastic, colors will vary)

Hexagon Tiles

The Blue serious hexagon tiles from 💯% recycle plastic.